What the girls say…

F changing snow bl

Changing things into snow and ice with fabric

I love talking to children to find out what they think about the activities we do.  During my summer classes I began each session of Frozen talking with the girls about what they liked about the previous day’s work.  Here are their comments:

“What I liked best on Monday was…”

  • the snow slides. – K
  • chopping the ice. – E
  • singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.” – J
  • ice skating. – K
  • building house with pretend ice cardboard. – AR
  • practicing the trolls. – N
  • skating on plates. – O
  • chopping the ice. – E
  • being a baby troll. – E
  • watching the snowflake dance. – Ms. R
F Fjord 3 (2)

Crossing the frozen fjord

“My favorite thing on Tuesday was…”

  • when Elsa became the queen. – O
  • when Elsa became the queen. – J
  • when Elsa became the queen. – K
  • when Elsa held up the stuff [orb and scepter]. – AR
  • I liked the [coronation] bells. – K
  • I liked the bells.  Mine sounded like a real church bell. – E
  • when Elsa became the queen. – E
  • I liked the coronation. – E
  • I liked watching Elsa walk down the aisle to get her crown. – Ms. R

“What I liked best on Wednesday was…”

  • singing and dancing from “Let It Go.” – O
  • dancing to “Let It Go.” – J
  • when we ice skate when we just got here. – AR
  • acting the thing where they’re at the ball. – E
  • My favorite thing was when we ran across the fjord. – N
  • I like when the parents were sitting and we changed our dresses. – K
  • when we are dancing to “Let It Go.” – K
  • when we walked across the fjord. – E
  • I liked seeing all the different Elsa costumes at the same time. – Ms. R
Ice skating on paper plates

Ice skating on paper plates

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