What is it about “Frozen”?

F Let It Go

Girls “letting it go!”

Just what is it about this story/film that has caused so many to fall in love with Frozen?  Watching my preschoolers run on the field tossing dandelions into the air singing “Let It Go” with heartfelt abandon, I decided it was time for me to look into the appeal of this tale.

I read the book, watched the film, listened to the music, and began to see that much of the appeal is in the Scandinavian setting.  People love the colors, love the designs and all the richness of Arendelle.  They love Elsa’s amazing hair and the swirling icy world that she creates.

F coronation bl

Elsa walks down the aisle to receive her crown during “Frozen.”

Girls love the idea of a coronation and wanted to take turns walking down the aisle to be crowned.

F scepter (2)

Orb and scepter offered by a family from Iran

They seriously held the crown, orb and scepter as the beautiful music played.  A parent who was watching offered this beautiful object from Iran which her girls play with at home.  My class loved its exotic and authentic look.

But more than anything, I think the attraction is in the power–Elsa’s power to change everything with her touch.

F Let It Go swirling

Dancing to “Let It Go” from “Frozen” class

 This power provides hours of playfulness with her little sister, Anna, and in our classes we explore the joyful and useful aspects of cold, snow, and ice.  But Elsa’s power is awesome in its effect and she struggles with how to live with it.  Children want to have power.  They are curious about all of the different kinds of power they see in the world and imagine having power in their play.  Frozen gives them a chance to play around with the idea of “What if… what if had the power to change everything I touch to snow and ice?”  It’s scary, it’s funny, it’s sad, and it’s beautiful.  Frozen has all the elements of a classic tale.

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