Snow White

SW 3 - CopyMirror, mirror, on the wall,

Who’s the fairest of us all?

One of the most famous questions of all lies at the heart of this beloved fairy tale.  Who is the most beautiful in the land?  It is I, yes?  This rich story explores a range of emotions–the longing of a mother for a child, an older woman’s desire to remain the most beautiful of all, and a young girl’s wish to mature into her own fullness of life.  Girls eagerly switch back and forth between playing the sweet and innocent young Snow White happily working in the cottage and the scheming Evil Queen who repeatedly tries to get rid of Snow White from her richly decorated room deep in the castle.  As they act out the words of the traditional tale, they discover that the Seven Dwarfs are kind and honorable men who work hard to protect Snow White and grieve when they believe they have failed in their duty.  And the ending?  All the little Snow Whites lie next to each other on the pillows, waiting excitedly under the sheer cloth for the moment when the happy ending is revealed to all.

If you want to share the story of Snow White (and many other classic tales), this is the book that has the version on which the class is based: