Snow and Ice in Arendelle

Children love to be active!  Whether they are boys or girls, getting children involved with tools and materials is a sure way to help them learn, get comfortable in new situations, and engage with other people.  Parents are likely surprised when they see how much of our drama class, Frozen, is filled with experiences beyond Elsa and her “Let It Go” scene.

Making snowballs with white socks is a great “icebreaker” activity and quickly gets the children moving across the room, looking at one another, and releasing the joyful laughter that comes with a snowball fight.  Another way I help children to realize the joy of snow, cold, and ice is through ice skating.  Simply placing your feet on paper plates creates a representation of gliding across an icy fjord.

F Skating fall 3 f skating fall blur

The scene “Frozen Heart” is important in the way it foreshadows the dangers awaiting Anna, Elsa, and the people of Arendelle. This link gives a video clip and interesting background on the scene.

The song “Frozen Heart” is in the tradition of work songs.  Recycled materials from shipping cartons have been painted to look like ice so that children can assemble them like a puzzle into a frozen lake which can be cut, loaded, and taken into town.

f chisel ice blurf moving ice detail blurf harvesting ice blur

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