Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty wanders through the castle on her 15th birthday…

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The King and Queen want to celebrate the birth of their first child, a daughter, with a feast.  They invite everyone in the kingdom (or so they think).  Leaving someone out of the party brings things to a grinding halt.  Instead of a gift, the angry interrupter puts a curse on the little baby.  A procession of fairies with gifts, a father who tries to prevent the inevitable curse, a wander through the castle on her birthday which leads the princess to a rusty key in a door at the top of a winding staircase causing a brier hedge to grow so tall it shields the castle from all–this wonderful story is filled with rich images to experience.   The costumes, evocative Italian music of the late Renaissance, simple set pieces, and a joyful “happily-ever-after” dance will bring sweet smiles to all.


The Fairies

If you want to share the story of Sleeping Beauty (and other classic tales), this is the book that has the version on which the class is based: