Dancing Snowflakes

When I saw these images online I knew they would be a perfect way for the children to create props they could use for the opening dance in Frozen, “Vuile,” as well as scenic elements throughout the story. fine-motor-activities-beaded-snowflakes-and-flowers-image-2

In order to simplify the activity, I prepared the pipe cleaner snowflake bases ahead of time.  The children added beads and small glittery pieces to give each one some detail.  By adding ribbon loops, the children would be able to hold them while dancing and hang them easily when Arendelle becomes cold and snowy.

f making snowfl blur

f making snowfl 2 (2) blur

It was wonderful to dance to this beautiful opening music with our snowflakes!  Here is a link to the opening scene  http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Vuelie.  You’ll hear words and music inspired by the indigenous Scandinavian people known as the Sami.

f snowflake dance fall detail blur

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