Beauty & the Beast


Belle enjoys doing chores in the cottage.

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Children know and love this story of Belle (French for “beautiful”) and her love for the Beast.  As drama, the traditional French fairy tale is brimming with possibilities.  What fun it is to wear beautiful gowns and live in a wonderful house in an exciting city!

When tragedy strikes, Beauty’s world is turned upside down.

But sweeping, churning, gardening and all the other country chores turn out to be fun too (see photo)!  There’s a horse ride through a dark forest with scary music to set the mood.  A mysterious palace with a beautiful rose garden becomes Beauty’s new home.  What can we do with props and simple scenery to make it seem enchanted?  What will it be like to dance on the balcony with the Beast?  A magic mirror and a ruby ring help Beauty to travel back and forth between her new home and her family.  Little poems and a white nightingale help her realize her heart’s true desire.  With the dramatic final music from the Broadway show guiding the way, we’ll bring it all to a wonderful close.

Dearest Beauty, full of grace,

Your heart’s as lovely as your face.

You freed the Prince, transformed the beast,

Now all may dance at your wedding feast.


To enjoy the music at home, here is the soundtrack we used in class:

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